• 2008 Audi TT Convertible super clean

    • 130,000 mi

    2008 Audi TT Convertible super clean

    -New oil
    -New spark plugs
    -New ignition coils
    -New valve cover gasket
    -New smog
    -New 2022 CA registration
    -New convertible top motor
    -New Michelin tires
    -New intake vacuum
    -New windshield water tank
    -New air filer and cabin air filter
    -Clean title
    -New brakes and rotors
    -New fuses replaced

    Car runs really well, with no issues, you’ll love this car!

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  • Ford Turbo Diesel Cummins van 30,000 miles original

    • 30,000 mi

    Ford Turbo Diesel Cummins van 30,000 miles original

    – Only has 30,000 miles on the engine, body and transmission, everything has only 30,000 miles.
    – Runs like new, because the mileage is nearly zero
    – Has a manual transmission, making this car the holy grail that will run forever
    – Aluminum chassis and body will never rust, also has really effective insulation between the chassis, so it is already insulated.
    – New tires, new hub bearings, new rotors, so many new parts
    – Gets up to 20 mpg

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  • 2010 Chrysler Sebring

    • 220,000 mi

    2010 Chrysler Sebring
    -New oil change
    -New coolant flush
    -Engine runs like new
    -Transmission runs like new
    -Interior of car looks great, looks like new
    -All tires are new
    -Suspension and shocks are in great condition, alignment is great as well.
    -Has wireless key fob


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  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD Mountain Climber

    • 198,000 mi
    Smogged today, California May, 2022 registration.
    Whole car looks brand new, garaged, paint looks new, but is original. Adult owned, like a treasured newborn baby.
    New serpentine belt, new water pump, new valve cover, new valve cover gasket, new alternator, new starter, new high capacity $240 battery, new brake master, new tires, new brakes, new rotors new coolant hoses, new coolant pump, no oil leaks, new distributor cap, new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, new oil line, new injectors, new intake manifold, new intake manifold gasket. Tinted windows. Has original owners manual, has all original parts and cargo tie downs, original keys with remote lock and unlock button. Roof rack for cargo. New windshield wipers.
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  • 1997 Ford Windstar van

    • 170,000 mi

    Interior looks new
    New battery
    New radiator
    New air filter
    New mass air flow
    Seafoam 3
    New brake master
    Newer brakes and rotors
    Great tires
    Transmission shifts well
    Engine is super strong
    New distributor cap
    New spark plug wires
    Great tires

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